When you book a Prestige, Prestige King Size or Magnifica room, you can choose how to furnish your room by choosing the fabric used in the bed linen. It’s easy, fast and free: once you’ve selected your room and the dates of your stay, a window will open allowing you to choose linen or satin sheets with a single click.

Our hospitality is made to measure, designed to guarantee your wellbeing, starting from a good night’s rest.


Because the unique caracteristic of linen is that it provides the best bioenvironment for your body temperature, thus enhancing your feeling of comfort.

Linen has been scientifically proven to transpire; it maintains a sort of physiological thermoclimate, keeping you feeling fresh and comfortable throughout the night, thus improvingg the quality of your rest.

For our guest’ benefit, we have chosen LINO VIVO, pure linen of the highest quality.
Its special properties and structure have been studied at lenght to improve all its virtues and even enhance them during its long life span.

A night’s sleep on these linen sheets and pillow cases of Lino Vivo is a rare privilege and a sign of how much we want to pamper you.

We are proud to offer our guests this luxury, and we wish them a comfortable aty with us.

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