A spa hotel dedicated to wellness featuring the aromas and colours of the Cinque Terre


The wellness centre of the Golfo dei Poeti Relais & Spa will make every day you spend exploring the Cinque Terre and the Gulf of La Spezia truly special, with a spa hotel enveloped in fragrances, colours and sensations that await guests like a soft and warm embrace.

The sensory showers, sauna and steam baths with aromatherapy, the Kneipp tub: let yourself be pampered with the free use of these spa features. Then you can also let yourself truly relax with various types of massages, rejuvenate yourself in the Nuvola tub, with hay or mud treatments, discover the benefits of hydro-therapy or simply relax in the sunning area. The Wellness Centre of the Golfo dei Poeti Relais & Spa also has an elegant relaxation zone where you can sip herbal teas and infusions stretched out on one of the comfortable chaise lounges. Fresh air lovers can take advantage of the two wooden platforms surrounded by flowers and plants to engage in some healing yoga, calming meditation or an unforgettable massage with a view.

With its breathtaking view over the Tyrrhenian Sea, the water that the Golfo dei Poeti Relais & Spa looks out over is visually linked to the hotel’s two interconnected pools, which let you “dive” into them even before you reach the water through a cool blue underground passage which leads you from the main door right to the edge of the swimming pool.

To complete the wellness tour, you will find in the garden the new Panoramic Sauna, an innovative outdoor wellness area in which, in addition to the warm pleasures for the skin, your eyes will also enjoy the spectacle offered by the large window overlooking Porto Venere and the islands, the two hydro-massage hot-tubs Jacuzzis, for a unique sensation of relaxation combined with the visual pleasure of an inimitable panorama.

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Close your eyes. Your mind clears, your now weightless body relaxes, it stretches out and begins to float. Your soft “flight” in the Nuvola, the “dry” floating tub at the spa of the Relais, has just begun. The gentle maternal embrace of Nuvola not only completely relaxes your muscles and gives you a sublime felling of wellness, it also favours the dilation of your skin’s capillaries and thus makes a wide range of medical and beauty treatments that more efficient.

The body, wrapped in a watertight membrane, remains completely dry and receives a uniform amount of heat from the surrounding water, which would be impossible during a normal session on a treatment bed. The warmth given by the wrap remains constant, as does contact between the skin and the product, via what is known as stereo-compression, that is, the pressure exerted by the water surrounding your body.


The invigorating and relaxing effects of a steam bath, and the benefits they offer the respiratory system and blood pressure, are further enhanced by unique and enveloping sensorial experiences.

The starry ceiling of the Hammam Steam Bath is made with special fibre optic technology which gives you the impression of being in a thermal bath under a clear night sky. In the Aroma Steam Bath it’s your sense of smell which takes over. You can choose from four different fragrances inside the cabin to accompany your session.


Allow yourself a break packed with sensory emotions. In this shower you’ll find yourself under a sudden cloudburst of warm summer rainfall or enveloped in a cool refreshing mist. These are the treatments you can enjoy in the sensory showers of the Relais’s spa, a full sensorial experience that blends chromo and aroma therapy as the water caresses your skin.


Stimulating your blood flow, your nerves and skin to provide a wonderful feeling of general wellbeing to the entire body, all of this going to and from the adjacent hot and cold tubs of the two Kneipp treatment pools at the spa of the Relais.


The Biosauna at the Relais offers an ideal microclimate in which to slowly warm the body and thus benefit your cardio-circulatory system. The high humidity together with the effects of the scent of medicinal herbs in the Biosauna also helps to purify your respiratory system, your skin and hair.


Water massage has never been as wonderful as the one in the fabulous Caracalla tub, this too available at the wellness centre of the Relais. Thanks to its preset programmes, the Caracalla tub will pamper you with its localised massages of water jets and air bubbles.