A tailor made philosophy…
We treat each of our guest individually, thus allowing each individual to receive the treatment that best suits their needs. Our specialists, after a brief consultation, will accompany you along the path that best suits you to relax, purify, or reactivate body and mind.

Tailor Made Massage

25′ € 50,00

50′ € 100,00

80′ € 130,00

Relax Massage

Relaxing and deep massage, with long and relaxing manual skills for a total relaxation of body and mind.

25′ € 50,00

50′ € 100,00

80′ € 130,00

«Sky Earth» Massage

Massage dedicated to the two extremes of the body: the head and the feet. A soothing and invigorating massage.

45′ € 80,00

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage originally used by American Indians. The use of special stones of volcanic origin makes  this massage ideal for relieving muscle tension, detoxifying, rebalancing the harmony of the body for a feeling of deep relaxation.

80′ € 130,00

Deep Tissue Massage

Massage that consists of a series of manipulation techniques whose goal is to dissolve muscle contractures, loosening tension and reducing pain from them.

25′ € 50,00

50′ € 100,00

80′ € 130,00

Draining Massage

Massage whose purpose is to promote the drainage of liquids and toxins, reducing stagnation through the stimulation of blood circulation.

25′ € 50,00

50′ € 100,00

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Massage aimed at stimulating lymphatic circulation, consisting of very light maneuvers that promote the drainage of liquids, toxins, and proteins.

25′ € 50,00

50′ € 100,00

Couple Massage

The same sensations of well-being can be experienced in two, with a contemporary couple massage to be carried out at our spa, inside a shared cabin, or in our gazebo overlooking the sea.

25′ € 100,00 a coppia

50′ € 200,00 a coppia

80′ € 250,00 a coppia

With a supplement of € 15.00 it is possible to have each massage in our outdoor Private Gazebo, with the exception of the Hot Stone massage.

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Body Strategist Peeling Plus Comfort Zone

A body exfoliation treatment performed with brushes and enzymatic peeling, followed by the application of an invigorating body mask that make the skin bright and compact.
The cream that is spread in the final is a fragrant cuddle that gives the skin hydration and elasticity.

75′ € 130,00

Body scrub

A gentle mechanical exfoliation treatment of the body to prepare the skin for tanning or to make it last longer at the end of the holiday, followed by the application with touches of the tranquillity cream.

30′ € 70,00

Body Strategist Nutritional Tone

Anti-cellulite treatment that includes an enzymatic peeling and the application of a mask that not only promotes the drainage of liquids but also gives nourishment and hydration to the skin.  

50′ € 105,00

Light Legs Treatment

Draining and toning treatment that involves an enzymatic peeling and the application of graduated compression bandages to promote the drainage of liquids.

35′ € 80,00

Body Strategist Remodelling

Caffeine reducing treatment with application of thermogenic mask that promotes the loss of centimeters.

50′ € 130,00

Fragrant mud of Montalcino

Reducing and anti-cellulite treatment in which the application of a fragrant mud is provided that stimulates circulation in order to favor the drainage of liquids and the loss of centimeters.

50′ € 130,00


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Skin Regimen Detox

Detoxifying and Active Age treatment that reduces the production of cortisol in the skin giving a relaxed and cleansed appearance to the skin. Its complex of natural active ingredients gives a new light to the skin of the face counteracting the effects of smog, stress and hectic life.

60′ € 90,00

Skin Regimen Longevity

Intensive Anti Age and plumping treatment that acts on the deepest dermal layers for a result that lasts over time, its complex of natural active ingredients has a 360 ° action that smoothes wrinkles and gives a natural lifting effect. This type of treatment is customizable for each type of skin as it involves the use of 5 different boosters that act on specific problems:


60′ € 90,00

Skin Regimen Longevity «Express Version»

Light illuminating treatment, illuminates, cleanses and moisturizes the skin in preparation for tanning but also for a special event. A light cleansing and usage passage of different active ingredients gives the face a natural and lasting radiance.

30′ € 55,00

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Comfort Zone products are also used for rituals dedicated to hands and feet.
After an emollient soak and a specific care for the nails, refreshing creams are applied through a slow and deep massage to relax the nerves and relieve the muscle contractures, that are often underestimated.

Spa Manicure for her € 50,00
Spa Manicure for him € 30,00
Spa pedicure € 55,00
Spa Pedicure Curative € 65,00

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Eyebrows € 15,00

Underarms € 20,00

Arms € 30,00

Half Leg € 30,00

Full Leg € 45,00

Groin € 20,00

Upperlip €10,00

Chin € 10,00

Chest € 40,00

Back € 40,00

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